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Startuptravels is an online platform where you can meet with other start up companies around the world, thus the website paves the way for making the world your workplace. It allows you to connect with local start ups while traveling. 

From the Startuptravels platform, you can find an office space with a desk to work at by getting access to 30+ coworking spaces worldwide.

You can also find a sufficient place to stay or meet with other entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge and experiences. Startuptravels also allows you to meet other local start ups in your own city as well as in over 160 countries worldwide.

Facts about Startuptravels

  • 6000+ entrepreneurs
  • 160 countries
  • More than 1000 people have met via Startuptravels.

Not knowing anyone in the global startup scene it can be challenging to find local likeminded entrepreneurs to connect with. Startuptravels has also made a partnership with the popular platform Airbnb, so you are now able to connect your Airbnb account to Startuptravels – making it even easier to start finding likeminded entrepreneurs to stay with while traveling as an entrepreneur. At the same time, it also provides you with unique opportunities to be hosting entrepreneurs who wish to visit your home city.

The story of Startuptravels

Startuptravels doesn’t have an extensive background (yet) since it was founded in 2014 by three guys called Anders, Rasmus and Henrik, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were all driven by the passion of making it easier to meet local entrepreneurs first hand and thereby the team assembled and launched the Startuptravels initiative in October 2014.

Startuptravels vision is to make it easier for travelers to meet local start ups on a global scale. They don’t want anyone to feel like a stranger in a new city.

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Signing up is as easy as it comes

Investing in the Startuptravels Coworking Pass, gives you an opportunity to ensure that you are always able to find a place to work when travelling the world. Startuptravels has made a range of partnerships with great coworking spaces around the world. When investing in a socalled Startuptravels Coworking Pass you become a Startuptravels member – and thereby getting the rights to  stay at any of the partnering coworking spaces for free, for up to three days at a time. Hook up with Startuptravels via your profile on LinkedIn, by email or Facebook

The Startuptravels blog

Startuptravels has a great blog. Read for example the blogpost 15 Startups That Change the Way You Travel. Essentially, the  goalwith the post is to compile a list of applications and websites that would help entrepreneurs to enrich our travel experiences. Read the blogpost on Startuptravels

See a Startuptravels user documenting a day to capture what it’s like to be a traveling entrepreneur

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