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Here is your entrepreneurial guide to Horsens. Horsens is a city with a strong focus on experiences combined with community, a lovely nature scenery and a diverse range of businesses. Horsens has a versatile range of entrepreneurs from the hotdog guy starting up in the pedestrian area to construction industrialists who have expanded and achieved great success. At the same time Horsens is located centrally in Denmark which creates the foundation for optimal logistic thinking.

In 2014 Horsens Municipality moved up in third place regarding population growth and in the start of 2015 hit 85,000 citizens. Horsens Municipality has a strong wish to boost growth through their ambitious commercial and residential development strategy and the continuation of the successful branding of Horsens. In Horsens there are good conditions for entrepreneurs and a highly developed structure for assistance and advice to promote entrepreneurship in the form of networks, advice and shared offices, which makes Horsens an attractive place for start ups.

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Accelerators / Incubators


Guidance of Entrepreneurs in Horsens Municipality is offered officially by BusinessHorsens, which is a membership organization with approximately 700 business members. The purpose of the organization is to promote development and innovation in enterprises and boost economic development in general in Horsens municipality. All companies in Horsens which has a CVR number up to 6 months are offered an entrepreneurial membership at BusinessHorsens free of charge. The association exists in close cooperation with the Horsens Municipality but is also financed by company members, which creates a large local business network. As a member you become part of the network of local businesses, and are provided guidance in various areas of business operations.

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Den Seriøse Kaffeklub / VI STARTER SGU (The Serious Coffee Club / LET´S  FUCKING START):

The purpose of Den Seriøse Kaffeklub and VI STARTER SGU is that it must be fun to be an entrepreneur in Horsens. Den Seriøse Kaffeklub consists of four enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who are passionate about entrepreneurship, and believe that there are many facets of entrepreneurship which is boosted by getting inspiration, networking and great stories. VI STARTER SGU is one out of several start-up projects started by Den Seriøse Kaffeklub. Meet VI STARTER SGU on Facebook (Danish content) and visit (Danish content) to be inspired by the many start up stories, articles with advice for entrepreneurs, posts with inspiration and debate, entrepreneurial events and blogging about shared offices for entrepreneurs in Horsens.

Iværksætterpakken (The Entrepreneur Package):

Iværksætterpakken is an intense and focused education, facilitated by Business Academy Dania Silkeborg in close partnership with LUNDQUIST Human Resource. At this course you will be prepared for life as an entrepreneur and guided through all the areas to which an entrepreneur must be able to excel. The course is practical oriented with individual and group assignments plus business related training sessions based on participants’ business ideas.

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Insero invests in entrepreneurs and growth companies mainly within the areas of energy and communications. One of the purposes of Insero is to support and boost entrepreneurship in Horsens and create growth and development in the region. The organization operates in the fields of energy and communications, where they offer new solutions, projects and training, among other entrepreneurs. Insero is more specific frontrunners in areas such as intelligent management, e-mobility and geo. At the same time they shall endeavor to think technologies integrated and to make them play together with future smart grids.

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VIA Student Incubators:

VIA University College is a prominent education organ in Horsens, whose Student Incubator programmes have created a successful entrepreneur proposal for enterprising students in Horsens and created a center for innovation and entrepreneurship activities at VIA UC. VIA Student Incubators offers students to participate in networking and inspirational events, lectures and workshops, the innovation programs IdéAgent, App Lab or Social Pilot, startup advice and office spaces at Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

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Learnmark Innovation Line:

This education takes place at Horsens´ Business School Learnmark Horsens and engages creative and disciplined students who are passionate about entrepreneurship. The program is designed to boost the students’ entrepreneurial spirit by allowing them to be occupied with the development of new ideas and testing their theories in real life. Students develop their own businesses, creating consistency between theory and practice.

“Will you learn how to put your mark on the future, then the innovation line is right for you!” Alexander Engby (Student at Learnmark Horsens Innovation Line).

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Private and public advisors:

A large number of private companies and public organs in Horsens engage with entrepreneurs through help and advice on various subjects such as accounting, law, finance, tax rules and much more. Many consultants provide knowledge and resources available at no charge for an initial course for entrepreneurs, after which the entrepreneur and consultant come to agreement on a level of funding and the future process.

Shared Offices

There are a number of shared offices in Horsens and every place has its own set of values ​​and way of doing things. We have provided a profile of the various communities that may be relevant to you as an entrepreneur. Get an overview of the sites on the IVÆRKSTEDER map.


FÆNGSLET in Horsens was originally a traditional prison, but the historic buildings are now, amongst other things, transformed into a start up hub where entrepreneurs can rent a desk in the old adminstration spaces with room for about 15 entrepreneurs, and in close by prison cells there is established meeting rooms and a lounge for entrepreneurs.

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Vitus Bering Innovation Park – focus on innovation and international entrepreneurs:

Vitus Bering Innovation Park is the place for the most innovative and internationally oriented entrepreneurs. The environment is located at VIA University College on the outskirts of Horsens, promoting fruitful cooperation and mutual sparring between education and entrepreneurship, as well as resulting in a wide range of courses in entrepreneurship.

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, there’s also another shared office, called Bering StartUp. Bering StartUp is a unique offer for entrepreneurs and companies, whose CVR number are under three years old. Besides a desk, you also have access to the facilities of Vitus Bering Innovations Park and two very competent coaches, who can help your company move forward.

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Bubblelabs – Attitude and Community:

Bubblelabs is a shared office run by Daniel Bach and Kevin Refvik from the web agency Bubblemedia. Bubblelabs is the place for entrepreneurs who want sparring and a social community for entrepreneurs. A photographer, a web developer, two journalists, two consultants and of course Bubblemedia, belong at the moment to the old courtrooms, with the window bars to tell the buildings original story.

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Easyoffice – Central location to the individual start up:

This office hotel in Tobaksgården in Horsens is the place for entrepreneurs who like a closed door, to focus 100% on own businesses. The business center in Tobaksgården is one of Horsens oldest business centers for entrepreneurs and you decide for yourself whether you want to bind for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. The longer the binding, the lower the rent. Even though the tenants are very different, some choose to gather for lunch every day and throw together a Christmas party once a year, but nothing is done officially in order to promote social contact.

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Bastian – inspiring environment in one big entrepreneur office:

Office Hotel Bastian has beautiful settings in some of Horsens most inspiring commercial premises in an old boiler building where individual entrepreneurs working together in a room with electric height-adjustable tables, Macs and ergonomic office chairs.

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Office Hotel Horsens Marsallé:

Entrepreneurs can rent a desk, get peace and quiet and a good internet connection for reasonable money in eight offices for rent on Marsallé in Horsens. The lease can be cancelled without notice and you do not pay a deposit for the office.

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Tinghuset – central historical settings:

The business center in the old arrest building from 1902 creates an unique environment for entrepreneurial activities. When you enter the building you can see 30 cell doors on the three floors and beautiful visible steel structures with raw planks serves as walkways and stairs between the floors. The 30 prison cells have been transformed into 11 office spaces, shared meeting rooms, toilets and a kitchen. An artist, an engineering company and a local newspaper are amongst the tenants in the old arrest cells.

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Erhvervshuset – 900 square meters central, charming and luxurious entrepreneur facilities:

As one of downtown’s oldest houses, Erhvervshuset is converted into office spaces for entrepreneurs in Horsens with an overview of life in the pedestrian street and the old pharmacy yard. Creaking wooden floors and carved door frames provides a historical twist to the modern kitchen and meeting room. You will find both larger lease 40 square meters and smaller rooms for smaller companies. Right now you will e.g. find entrepreneurs within the engineering profession, the travel industry and consultancy.

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Focus on entrepreneurs

Here are some of our suggestions for the most visionary and innovative start ups and successful entrepreneurial personalities in Horsens.

K.H. Würtz:

Kasper Würtz took over the business from his father, the renowned Aage Würtz and this entrepreneur is driven by the love of the hand craft that comes with a good piece of pottery. K. H. Würtz is a successful company focused on the proud traditions of craftsmanship, the pottery profession and the great piece of expertise that lies behind the development of a Würtz product.

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The Visionary Kitchen:

The volunteer organization, The Visionary Kitchen, aim to minimize food waste and promote healthy eating habits. The purpose of The Visionary Kitchen is that we must use our resources smart in the future and rethink what we are doing at present. The entrepreneurs behind the project are for example creating weekly free dinners that are open to everyone – and created from foods that supermarkets throw out, even though there is nothing wrong with the products.

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Michael Mortensen:

Here is a successful entrepreneurial soul who was first an important part of creating the largest Danish supplier of single-family homes, HusCompagniet, followed by construction industrialist Casa, which is renovating, constructing and operating properties throughout Denmark.

“If you want to start you own business, then do it! Buy a phone and get going! You cannot avoid stumbling along the way, but if you do not take the first step, you will never find out what it all might lead to,” says Michael Mortensen.

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Display Festival:

Today this initiative, focusing 70% for music and 30% on art, is a rapidly growing festival, which has moved from being a local music event to being a major cultural event of great importance to the cultural space in Horsens.

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Frank Panduro:

As a prominent personality of the entrepreneurial scene in Horsens and Denmark, Frank Panduro, as director and driving force in Horsens & Friends, is one of the key figures behind large concerts in Horsens, which over the years has played a significant part in the reshaping of Horsens’ image as a hub of large events.

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At you will find a calendar where all events aimed at entrepreneurs in Horsens are displayed. Both smaller events, information sessions or entrepreneur cafes and major events such as trade shows or conferences are regularly put on the calendar. Some events are recurrent while others are individual appearances. Below is a brief review of recurring events and larger start up events which has taken place in Horsens.

Information meetings with BusinessHorsens

Each month the region offers information sessions for entrepreneurs which periodically takes places in Horsens. This free information session at BusinessHorsens prepares you to move forward in a number of areas of entrepreneurship. Meetings are open to all, and gives entrepreneurs precious knowledge and tools that make them equipped to get started. At BusinessHorsens’ website you will also find a list of events for entrepreneurs and established companies.

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The Growth Café in Horsens (Vækstcaféen)

The Growth café is organized by BusinessHorsens, Den Seriøse Kaffeklub, Vitus Bering Innovation Park and a number of private consultants, created as a meeting place for entrepreneurs and small businesses who wishes to exchange experiences and possibly create cooperation across.

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Back in April 2015 a group organized the entrepreneurial fair Iværk&Vækst which is one of the biggest inspirational forums for entrepreneurs in Denmark. The fair offers advice from experts, meetings and networking amongst entrepreneurs, workshops, presentations from successful entrepreneurs and advisors. The program included inspirational speaks from successful entrepreneurs, interesting debates, Business Dating, intensive 1: 1 coaching, value-creating workshops and more.

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Likemind – informal networking with likeminded people

The worldwide network concept, Likemind, has found its place in Horsens, and has over the past six months been a great succes. The third friday in every month Likemind pops up in a new place in Horsens and gathers likeminded people for inspirational network.

Keep your eyes open for where Likemind pops up next time.